Welcome to Signature Astrology!

Welcome to Signature Astrology, a blog about wellness from nuanced perspectives about the body. The function of this blog is to expose people to not only the vast wisdom afforded by Classical Chinese Medicine, but wisdom afforded by early Greek Astrological perspectives as well. My intent is to explore topics surrounding health, especially in regards to how we language and describe well-being. These two systems borrow from the rich lineage of individuals who devoted their lives to observing the natural world, and further to the documentation and dissemination of ways of seeing. As Alexandra K. Trenfor articulates: “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” This blog is an attempt to describe what the Chinese and Western systems developed in terms of observation, so as to provide individuals with diverse tools through which they can develop informed and meaningful choices around well-being.

The impetus to begin a blog like this comes at a time of much confusion and chaos locally and globally. It is my contention that we have not simply lost the narrative but we have lost touch with narrative-making; the capacity to connect through our stories. I believe that the body is perfect metaphor to connect individuals to their environment. It is not unironic that individuals use language like the “facing reality” or “in the blink of an eye”, “I can’t stomach that”: We tend to bring our perception back to the substance of the body, as if dialoguing with it, referencing it, calling those regions by name. “My mind says yes, but my stomach says no. Listening to your gut.”

But can the semicircular canals in the ears really pick up on the supposed gurgles-turned-words in our bowels and make meaning of them? From a Chinese medical and astrological view, yes. Every region of the body has a potential relationship and/or connectedness with the other. This blog seeks to finds new ways of describing how these connections might unfold, beyond the conventional models. Instead, there is a poetry to the way in which we are conscious, the way in which our suffering and our struggle with wellness translates into something beautiful being unfolded in front of us. The poets know it, and the rest of us simply dither. There are no rules when it comes to an individual finding better ways to articulate their suffering, for the sake of its alleviation and transformation. In a time when so many people look for an authority that can guarantee safety and longevity, we find not simply unsatisfactory answers, but crisis and even external resistance to our individual resilience.

The goal of this blog is to empower individuals in the language of their body, through individuals and groups who came to similar conclusions in the past.

Please take a look at what is presented on the site. In the future, I intend to offer regular insights into well-being. I also intend to soon offer astrological readings based on the concepts extrapolated through this site. It is not a perfect system, and it is a new system–and I reserve the right to be wrong in my approach. I welcome conversation and dialogue regarding the admixture of the two systems. If there is one thing that Chinese Medicine has taught me, as well as astrology, it is that we want everything to fit nicely into a complete package, without any contradiction. But contradiction is where the real substance lies. If anything, joining these two systems is a challenge for anyone conceptualizing their health. But I believe there is tremendous power in holding together  ideas that are alike in ways, and separate in others. This practice of metaphor is something, as described, that I believe is the future, and simultaneously something our ancestors time and time again have valued and utilized. What remains is the level to which we are open to different ways of seeing and observing, and that is what this blog is all about.

Thank you kindly for stopping by!

Joshua Kenneth Warren